Annual Plan





I. Executive Summary

Corry Counseling Service’s Annual Plan was developed with the full support of the Board of Directors and program directors in order to provide direction to the agency over the course of the next year in accordance with the agency’s mission and vision.

The agency’s Executive Director, Karen Croyle, LSW, is primarily responsible for the implementation of the plan



II. Authorization

This plan was adopted by the Board of Directors on 11/28/18.



III. Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Corry Counseling Services will maintain organizational sustainability.

Objective 1: Corry Counseling Services net revenue will exceed losses for FY 2018/2019.

The agency will adhere to the 2018/2019 budget.

The agency will maintain or increase financial reserves.


Objective 2: Utilizing the technology and information plan as a guideline, the agency will maintain and expand its computer system and technology services.

The agency will expand implementation of telepsychiatry and resolve billing concerns.

The agency will replace and update computers as needed.


Objective 3: The agency will fully implement its Risk Management Plan.

The agency will continue to identify areas of risk and how it mitigates.

Specified areas related to risk management will be reviewed through the Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Committee.

The Board will receive quarterly reports and an annual Risk Management Report.


Goal 2: Corry Counseling Services will develop and maintain quality services.

Objective 1: Utilize current processes to maintain and improve program quality.

Programs will develop and measure outcomes for 2018/19.

The PQI Committee will provide feedback to staff.

PQI will remain a regular item on program agendas.


Objective 2: Implement Psychiatric Rehabilitation services.

The agency will complete the regulatory requirements necessary to offer Psychiatric Rehabilitation services.

The agency will begin Psychiatric Rehabilitation program services this fiscal year.


Objective 3: The agency will maintain COA accreditation.

The agency will fulfill Maintenance of Accreditation (MOA) requirements.

The agency will prepare to submit the first annual MOA annual report in July 2019.


Goal 3: Corry Counseling will promote staff recruitment and retention.

Objective 1: Qualified staff will be found in a timely manner for any vacancies that occur and/or for any program expansion that occurs.

Recruitment efforts will include use of on-line resources, job fairs, and coordination with college development offices.

Current staff will be mentored and supported in expanding their skills to support eligibility for vacant and/or new positions.


Objective 2: Annual agency and program training requirements will be developed for staff,

Relias Learning Resources will be utilized to fulfill in part or full the above training requirements.

An effective method to track staff fulfillment of training requirements will be developed and used this fiscal year.

All agency budgets will include funds for training.


Objective 3: The agency will implement specific strategies to support staff growth and engagement.

At least one inter-departmental project or activity will be developed prior to 6/30/19.

The Executive Director and board will explore the viability of staff bonuses this fiscal year.