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Intellectual Disabilities Group Homes Annual Report

Corry Counseling Services

ID Group Homes

FY 2018/19


Program Description

The ID Group Homes offer people with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to live with peers in homes located in residential areas in the community.  Eight (8) individuals live in 2 different homes in the Corry Area.


All of the Corry Counseling Services Community Group Homes are supervised 24-hours a day by qualified staff.

There were no significant changes this fiscal year.  Accomplishments include 100% for annual inspection 8/17/18.



8 individuals reside in the 2 agency homes.  There was 1 discharge and 1 intake this year, bringing the total served this year to 9.  There are no concerns in regard to referrals.



There are 7 full-time, 8 part-time positions in the homes.  Over the course of the year,  2 staff members were hired and 4 were terminated.  The year began with 15 staff members and ended year with 14 staff members.



This program does not measure productivity.


Client Satisfaction Survey Results

See attached summary



Group home outcomes focused on residents participate in community activities.  Outputs were the total number of activities attended, both individually and in a group, and group activities at the home.  The target goals were that the group homes would:


1.   Provide 2 individual and 2 group activities per month to individuals residing in the homes 90% of the time as per measurement by month. 


2.  Offer a group activity in each home 3 times per week 90% of the time as per measurement by month.


Outcome#1: Individual and Group outings


Individual Outings:

            Spartansburg:  31/48 or 65%

            Worth Street:   34/36  or 94%

Group Outings:

            Spartansburg:  31/48 or 65%

            Worth Street:  35/36 or 97%



Individual:  62/84 or 74%

Group:        66/84 or 79%


Spartansburg staff did not take the individuals out much during the cold weather in the evenings.  Two at Spartansburg are retired and do get out during the day time which is not calculated in the above.  The data is only collected for second shift 3-11 and week-ends to be considered for this outcome


Outcome #2:  In-house outcome:  3 activities per week

The observation was that staff did engage individuals in in-home activities during this past year more than previous years; however, three times a week did not occur each week.  One or two activities occurred most weeks and some weeks three activities did occur.


Expectations for the coming year


1.       The target for the 1st Outcome for next year will  be at 90% for both individual and group outings but those retired who do outings during the day will have their outings counted for group or individual outings.


2.      The target for the 2nd Outcome for next year is for each home will be to have 2 group in-home activities each week.


3.      It is expected that a Program Specialist will be hired. 



Anticipated challenges for the coming year include:


1.      Transition group home to Credible


2.      Bringing more creativity into the homes