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Intellectual Disabilities Group Homes Annual Report

Corry Counseling Services

ID Group Homes Program Summary

FY 2017/18


I D Group Homes:   Offers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to live with peers in homes located in residential areas in the community.  Eight (8) individuals live in 2 different homes in the Corry Area.  All Corry Counseling Community Group Homes are supervised 24-hours a day by qualified staff.

            Changes:  none

            Any accomplishments:  meet outcome for this year



            Number served:  8

            Number of intakes:  0

            Number of discharges:  0

            Any concerns about referrals:  none



Number of positions:  7 full-time, 9 part-time

Staff hires and losses, rate of turnover:  hired 3, terminated 3

(Began year with 16 staff and ended year with 16 staff-looking to hire 2 to help with flexibility)



This program does not measure productivity.


Client Satisfaction Survey Results: See included summary


Outcome Results

The house outcomes are that each individual will have 2 individual outings a month and 2 group outings a month.  Goal was 90% for both

            Individual:  93%

            Group:  99%


Expectations for the coming year

            Any anticipated challenges:

1.       1st Outcome for next year are to be at 90% for both individual and group outings

2.      2nd Outcome for next year is for each home to have 3 group in-home activities each week

3.      Hire 2 staff – Hire reliable staff