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Intellectual Disabilities Group Homes Annual Report

Corry Counseling Services

ID Group Homes 

FY 2019/20 Annual Report

Program Description

The ID Group Homes offer people with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to live with peers in homes located in residential areas in the community.  Eight (8) individuals live in 2 different homes in the Corry Area.  Both Corry Counseling Community Group Homes are supervised 24-hours a day by qualified staff.

There were no significant changes this fiscal year.  Accomplishments include 100% on the annual inspection at the Spartansburg home.  There were 2 violations found at Worth Street home:  the new admission Mantoux test was out of date and there was an assessment was a day late.                                   


8 individuals reside in the 2 agency homes.  There were intakes or discharges this year.  There are no concerns about referrals should openings occur.


There are 7 full-time and 8 part-time positions in the homes.  Early in the fiscal year, Brock Cline was hired in August, 2019 in the newly created position of Program Specialist.

1 staff member was hired and 2 were terminated.  The year began 14 staff and ended year with 13 staff, including the new Program Specialist.  The turnover rate was 14%.  


This program does not measure productivity.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results 

All respondents indicated that they were very or somewhat satisfied with the home they live in, staff, housemates, respect received from staff, opportunities to make choices and opportunities to meet with family and friends. 


Outcome 1: The group homes will provide 2 individual and 2 group activities per month to individuals residing in the homes 90% of the time as per measurement by month.  Due to COVID-19 this was measured for the first 8 months of the fiscal year only.  

  Individual Outings:   July 2019-February 2020

Spartansburg  72%

Worth Street 99%

Group Outings:   July 2019-February 2020

Spartansburg   75%

Worth Street 73%  with 4 persons; 81%  with 3 persons (one person often with family)

Combined:  July 2019-February 2020

Individual:  85% overall

Group:        78% overall

The Spartansburg home did not take the individuals out much during the cold weather in the evenings.  Three at Spartansburg are retired and do get out during the day time which is calculated in the above.  The data collected for both 1st and 2nd shifts.  Group outings with this home are difficult and not realistic due to 3 people in a wheelchair and one person who needs to have someone supporting him in order to walk.  One-on-one outings are possible.

Outcome 2:  Each home will offer a group activity 2 times per week 90% of the time as per measurement by month

Spartansburg  30 weeks with at least 2 in home activities

                       19 weeks with at least 1 documented in home activity

Worth Street   45 weeks with at least 2 in home activities

                        7 weeks with at least 1 in home activity

The above represents documented in-home activities.  During the months of March, April and June when individuals were stay at home, the number of activities increased from 2 times a week to every day.  Daytime and evening time individuals were engaged in multiple activities.  Van rides, walks in the community, games, picnics, crafts and movies all occurred.

Expectations for the coming year

Outcomes for 2020-2021 are:

The Spartanburg home will engage individuals in at least 1 individual outing a month.

Worth Street will engage individuals in 2 individual outings a month.

Both homes to involve individuals in 3 in-home activities each week.