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Intellectual Disabilities Group Homes Annual Report


ID Group Homes

FY 2016/17


Program Description  

The ID group homes offer people with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to live with peers in homes located in residential areas in the community.  Eight (8) individuals live in 2 different homes in the Corry Area. All of Corry Counseling Community Group Homes are supervised 24-hours a day by qualified staff.

            Changes:  Staff learning how to use Relias training on computer and clocking in on computer

            Any accomplishments:  Getting computers set up in homes



            Number served:  8

            Number of intakes:  0

            Number of discharges:  0

            Any concerns about referrals:  none



Number of positions:  8 full-time, 10 part-time

Staff hires and losses, rate of turnover:  hired 2, terminated 4

            (began year with 17 staff and ended year with 16 staff-need to hire 2)



This program does not measure productivity.


Client Satisfaction Survey Results

6 questions comprise the residential survey.  100% of respondents to 5 questions indicated they were “very satisfied.”  75% of respondents to the question about satisfaction with housemates indicated they were “very satisfied;” 25% were “somewhat satisfied.”


Outcome Results

The house outcomes are that each individual will have 2 individual outings a month and 2 group outings a month.  Goal was 85% for both

            Individual:  85%

            Group:  81.25%


Expectations for the coming year

            Any anticipated challenges:

1.       Outcomes a for next year are to be at 85% for both individual and group outings

2.      Hire 2 staff – Finding reliable staff has been difficult

3.      Hire a house manager to oversee homes