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Outpatient Annual Report


Outpatient Mental Health Program Summary

FY 2016/17

Program Description

Counselling Services Center will provide outpatient mental health services to Erie, Warren and Crawford County children and adults.  The population includes individuals with severe mental illness and others with less severe emotional disorders. 


Outpatient services include screening and assessment, safety planning, psychiatric evaluation, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, children’s play therapy, family therapy and medication management. For those accepted for outpatient services, an individual treatment plan is developed based on the needs as identified in the intake process.  All treatment plans are developed under the supervision of the consulting psychiatrist and clients are seen for psychiatric evaluation and services as indicated. All clients accepted for service will be registered with Erie County Care Management and/or Health Choices provider.

Children, who comprise approximately 35% of the agency’s total caseload, may be served in school at Corry Area Primary, Columbus Area Intermediate and Corry Middle-High School.


Consumer Satisfaction is monitored in partnership with the Mental Health Association of Erie County.



Outpatient staff is comprised of 3 full-time therapists, 2 contract therapists, 3 full-time psychiatric nurses, 1 Psychiatrist, 1 CRNP, 1 Physician Assistant and 1 Director of Outpatient Services. One contract therapist and one full-time psychiatric nurse were hired as additions to the Outpatient staff this fiscal year.             



Counselling Services Center served 1389 individuals for this fiscal year.  Of those 1389 individuals, 1346 were White, 25 were Black, 9 were Hispanic, 2 were Native American, 1 was Pacific Islander, 6 were identified as other.  720 were female clients and 669 were male clients. There were 9 clients ages 0-5; 278 clients ages 6-13; 157 clients ages 14-17; 199 clients ages 18-25; 404 clients ages 26-45; 274 clients ages 46-64; and, 68 clients ages 65 and older.  There were 578 intakes completed, of which 363 were adult assessments and 215 were child/adolescent assessments. There were 608 case closures. There were no specific concerns regarding referrals.



The target goal for outpatient clients to attend their psychiatric evaluation was 90% for this year. This goal was exceeded, in that 95% of psychiatric evaluations were kept this year. Productivity was not measured for the outpatient clinicians, as they have consistently met and/or exceeded their productivity standard of 75% direct service over the last several years. Client Satisfaction


Survey Results

The outpatient staff completed client satisfaction surveys in January 2017.  At that time, the Outpatient program had a total of 1092 active clients.  Surveys were hand delivered to 205 clients, which represents 19% of active outpatient clients.  All 205 surveys were completed and returned. The first 6 questions on the survey were asked of all agency clients.  Not all respondents answered all questions and question 7 was only to be answered by those prescribed medications. 94% of clients responded strongly agreed or agreed.  All disagreed or strongly disagreed were made by 4 or less individuals.


Outcome Results

There are no outcome results at the time that this annual report is being completed. The desired outcome to be measured is a decrease in depression after one year of treatment. The measurement tool selected to be utilize is that PHQ-9 and PHQ-A. These questionnaires only began to be utilized as of 02/02/2017. Therefore, not enough time has elapsed to measure outcomes.


Expectations for the coming year

One goal is to continue to exceed the 90% attendance standard for kept psychiatric evaluations.  Clients will continue to be contacted by telephone and/or letter to support their appointment attendance and resolve barriers to attendance.  There is a proposed plan to begin providing telepsychiatry services by the end of 2017.


Another goal is to add one full-time licensed therapist position and 1-2 part-time and/or contract therapist positions. Additional clinical staff will enhance Outpatient Services being provided in both the clinical and school setting. 


It is the expectation that Outpatient Staff will be proficient in applying a trauma-informed approach in their daily practice.