Initially working out of an office at Corry Memorial Hospital, the organization expanded to its current location in 1988.   This same year, the agency opened the first of its two Community Residential Homes.

Over the years, Outpatient services have grown and expanded to include School-Based Services in the Corry Elementary and Middle High School and the agency’s Union City Satellite Office

In 2008, Corry Counseling Services Executive Director Karen Croyle brought Family Based Mental Health (FBMH) to the agency.  FBMH treats children with serious emotional illness using an intensive in-home family treatment model.  

Family Preservation Services has been an agency service since 2011.  Initially called the Family Focus Program, it is funded by the Erie County Office of Children and Youth, it provides counseling and case management to families referred by that agency. 
Blended Case Management was added to our array of services in 2013.  Case managers assist clients in a variety of ways, helping them to navigate both the medical and behavioral health care systems and linking them to needed community resources.

The Medication Support Program is the agency’s newest program.  Initiating services in January 2016, MSP offers support with medication adherence, as well as education about medication and emotional illness.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation promotes recovery, full community integration, and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with a mental illness that significantly impairs their ability to lead purposeful lives. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services focus on helping individuals develop and retain skills and access resources needed to increase the individual’s capacity to be successful and fulfilled in the living, working, learning and social environments of their choice. 

More detailed information, as well as contact information, is offered on these programs on the following pages.