Intellectual Disabilities Group Homes Annual Report

Corry Counseling of LECOM Health

ID Group Homes

FY 2020/21 Annual Report

Program Description

The ID Group Homes offer people with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to live with peers in homes located in residential areas in the community. Eight (8) individuals live in 2 different homes in the Corry Area. Both LECOM Health (CCLH) Community Group Homes are supervised 24-hours a day by qualified staff.

There were no significant changes this fiscal year. Accomplishments include the ID inspection on 12/9 and 12/21/20. For 20063 Spartansburg Highway, there was 1 violation. For 535 Worth Street, there were 3 violations.

  1. An individual assessment had the program specialist’s name typed on the signature line and the name needs to be hand written.

Correction: Program Director will sign assessment also to verify program specialist has signed form.

  1. All four (4) individuals whose records were reviewed had not signed updated individual rights.

Correction: Individual rights form was updated and all 8 individuals signed new forms. Completed 12/22/2020

  1. Physician Quarterly review form did not include the reason for prescribing the Benztropine and Zyprexa.

Correction: Program Director spoke with all psychiatric nurses to let them know what the state requires on this form. Completed first form 12/22/2020

A full license was issued.


8 individuals reside in the 2 agency homes. There were no intakes or discharges this year. There are no concerns about referrals should openings occur.


There are 7 full-time and 8 part-time positions in the homes. The year began with 13 staff and ended with 15. Over the course of the fiscal year, 4 staff members were hired and 2 resigned.


This program does not measure productivity.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Client satisfaction surveys were not completed this year due to the COVID-19 crisis.


This program measures the participation of individuals in the community and participation of individuals in activities at home. The indicator of participation in community activities is the number of outings in which an individual participates. The indicator of participation in activities in the home is the number of in-home activities. Activities are tracked by calendars in each home. Outputs are individual outings, group outings and group activities.


Sparty 1 individual/group outing monthly

Worth 2 individual/group outings monthly

Both homes to involve individuals in at least 1 activity daily


Individual/Group outings (1 per month): 100%

Daily Activity: 100%

Worth Street:

Individual/Group outings (2 per month): 100%

Daily Activity: 100%



Outings were mostly group outings

Activities were offered though at times some choose not to participate.

Activities: playing (ball toss and catch), musical instruments, story time, coloring/crafts, exercise time.

Worth Street:

Outings consisted of group and individual outings which included but not limited to the following: walks, rides, Presque Isle, Woodcock Dam, picking up take out, Erie.

Activities: dancing, exercise, baking, games, crafts, movies, walks, backyard time, coloring, puzzles

One individual spent much time with his family over the past year but when he was in the house he participated in group and individual outings and activities.

Outcomes for 2021-2022


1 day time activity Sunday-Saturday

1 evening activity Sunday-Saturday

Worth Street:

1 day time activity Sunday-Saturday

1 evening activity Sunday-Saturday

1 outing per month in the community

Group outings are also encouraged