Family Based Mental Health

Family Based Mental Health

Family Based Mental Health (FBMH) is an intensive in-home program that provides structural family therapy to children and their families who are experiencing serious emotional and behavioral issues and are at risk for in-patient hospitalization or residential placement. Therapy is strength focused and a collaborative relationship between family members and the Family Based team. Teams regularly coordinate and collaborate with other service providers. This includes attending school meetings, medication checks, court hearings, and any other meetings that may require support for the family.

FBMH Details

The Family Based team is comprised of a Licensed and/or Master’s Level Mental Health Professional and a Bachelor’s Level Mental Health Worker. The primary goal of therapy is to empower and support family members so that positive changes may be experienced and children are not placed out of the home. The Family Based team will primarily schedule sessions in the home 2-3 times per week. Sessions will be scheduled at the convenience of you, your family, and the Family Based team. 

Family Based services is a voluntary program and can be authorized for up to an eight month period. The Family Based teams undergo 3 years of training through the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center, Inc. to further enhance their clinical skills and better serve the needs of families. Finally, the Family Based program offers a 24 hours/7 days a week emergency contact to an on-call team member for crisis support. 

FBMH Consists of:

Service Appropriate For:

Referral Process:

A pre-certification form and medical necessity prescription letter is faced or mailed. For questions about the referral process, please call (814) 664-7761 ext. 120.

Materials: CCBH Precertification Form and Script Letter

Eligibility Criteria: Child must be under 21 with mental health diagnosis and one of the following:

  • At risk of in-patient hospitalization or out of home placement
  • Transitioning from in-patient hospitalization or out of home placement
  • Involved in multiple systems

Questions or Concerns:

Renee Parker-Mitchell, MS Program Supervisor 814- 664-7761, ext. 120

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If you need emergency mental health services, contact Crisis Services at (814) 456-2014 and/or to go to the local emergency room for assessment. Life-saving assistance in emergency situations can be obtained from the Fire Department, Police Department, or Emergency Medical Services by dialing 911. You can also dial 988 for the Suicide and Crisis hotline.