Medication Support Program

Medication Support Program

The goal of the Medication Support Program is to assist consumers to achieve recovery by offering support with medication adherence, education regarding medication and emotional illness, and skill-building to effectively manage medications. The program offers a high level of support with in-home services, flexible service hours and on-call availability 24 hours a day. Services begin with an assessment of need the development of an individual treatment plan. The level of staff support is based on the assessed needs and the preferences of the individual client. Daily home visits may be made, although more typical are once or twice weekly visits with phone contacts between visits.

Specific Skill and Competency Development

Service Appropriate For:

Referral Process:

The treatment provider completes a brief referral form. For questions about the referral process, please call (814) 664-7761 ext. 138.

Materials: Referral Form

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals must be at least 18 years old, have a diagnosis of a serious emotional illness, and be prescribed psychotropic medication.

Questions or Concerns:

Laurie Holthouse, MS Program Supervisor 814- 664-7761, ext. 138

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If you need emergency mental health services, contact Crisis Services at (814) 456-2014 and/or to go to the local emergency room for assessment. Life-saving assistance in emergency situations can be obtained from the Fire Department, Police Department, or Emergency Medical Services by dialing 911. You can also dial 988 for the Suicide and Crisis hotline.