Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Psychiatric Rehabilitation promotes recovery, full community integration, and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with a mental illness that significantly impairs their ability to lead purposeful lives. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services are collaborative, person-directed and individualized. These services are evidenced-based, and are an essential element of the Pennsylvania Systems of Care. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services focus on helping individuals develop and retain skills and access resources needed to increase the individual’s capacity to be successful and fulfilled in the living, working, learning and social environments of their choice. A trauma informed approach is utilized to encourage client involvement, choice and personal responsibility in their treatment. Psych Rehab staff partner with the clients to empower them to be part of a shared decision-making process, and are conjointly responsible in assisting clients in achieving their identified goals. Provision of services will be guided by an approach that follows an empowerment perspective and is recovery-oriented.