New Leadership at Corry Counseling of LECOM Health

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Corry Counseling of LECOM Health has named an Interim Executive Director after the resignation of former Executive Director, Jennifer Malone. We are grateful for Ms. Malone’s leadership and support she provided to countless individuals throughout her tenure with the organization and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.

We are excited to announce that Cassie Dundon, LPC, has been named the Interim Executive Director of Corry Counseling of LECOM Health. Ms. Dundon is the current Executive Director of the Achievement Center of LECOM Health (ACLH) and has experience leading in an environment that offers similar services to those provided by Corry Counseling of LECOM Health.

To provide onsite support, Tara McQuaid, MS, LBS, BCBA, Senior Regional Director for ACLH, will expand her purview to include Corry Counseling of LECOM Health. Ms. McQuaid brings with her considerable knowledge of the Corry area and experience working with the systems, stakeholders, and individuals who call Corry ‘home.’

While we have change on our side, there is no change to your care at CCLH. You will continue to receive quality services provided by compassionate and considerate professionals directly invested in your mental and behavioral wellbeing. We look forward to serving you and we will keep in consistent communication about the latest developments regarding your services through Corry Counseling of LECOM Health.